Big al under my umbrella ah by kaotikachan-d3jvyl9
Alex Tryerson, or Big Al









140 lb/pounds

Alexander "Alex" Tryerson, who more commonly goes by the nickname of Big Al, is twenty-one year old American student at Temple University. He is in his senior year at the college, majoring in psychology and minoring in physical education and is one of the central characters in Blooming Love, Wilting Love.


Alex was born on December 23rd, 1988 in the city of Chicago, Illinois. He lived in Chicago until the summer of 2002, when he and his mother chose to move with his father after he was sent to Tokyo to train the replacement for his high position at a software corporation. The family remained in Tokyo while his parents scoured the city for new careers to develop and thrive in. They were eventually employed by a rival software company, and despite the opportunity for climbing the corporate ladder and earning higher salaries, Alex's parents remained relatiely unambitious, as they taught their son that being content with what they do have is key to happiness in life.

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