Age 16
Gender Female
Eyes Hot Pink
Hair Black
Number of Songs all
Music used SEGA
First Appearance Sonic Soundtrack
Friends Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Cream, Cheese, Amy, Silver, Blaze, Shade, Tikal, Shadow, Sonia, Manic, Rouge, Mighty, Ray, Honey, Charmy, Espio, Vector
Enemies Eggman, Erazor,
Gernes music Rock, R&B, Pop, Dance, Techno, Raggie, Eletriconic Pop, Idol
Likes Sonic, Tails, music, singing, parties, adventures,
Hates Eggman, Erazor. Eggaman and Erazor stealing her talent


Taskisha suru Leaf forest I'm running through the Leaf Forest
Kirameki sora koete wo yume Shinning sky of the dreams
Tobi suru Starlight Carnival Flying through the Starlight Carnival

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