The Legend Of Solaris is a 2010 American CGI-animated action adventure fantasy film written and directed by Bobby Graham. The film was released by Universal Pictures in the UK on July 5th, 2010 and stars Nicholas D'Agosto as Kaito Shion, a teen pop star who gets caught up in a war between a group of heroes and many fiery monsters.

Plot Edit

A teenage narrator begins to tell the story of a group of young heroes. The story begins during the opening ceremony of the annual Musicians' Festival concert in which Kaito Shion(Nicholas D'Agosto) starts opening up the festival by lighting an altar on the stage. Before he can begin his first song, however, fiery fiends attack the festival. Kaito threatens to kill Nick The Flame Seeker(Jamie Campbell Bower), the master of the fiery fiends, if he does not cease the attack and leave the festival. Before he can go through with the threat, however, Sonic The Hedgehog(Jason Griffith) arrives and defeats the fiery monsters before he and Kaito escape. After the two fight more fiery monsters, Kaito's friend Rin Kagamine(Monica Rial) is captured by Nick but she tosses a Chaos Emerald to Kaito.

The next morning, Kaito and Sonic run into Tails(Amy Palant) who helps them find and rescue Rin and the three make sure to destroy one of Nick's fire-filled robots upon arrival before escaping. While Sonic and Tails create a diversion, Kaito takes Rin to some plains where he notices a little wound Rin obtained from being grabbed by Nick. He tends to the wound and Rin apologizes to him and blames herself. Kaito tells her that it isn't her fault and that her smile is all he needs. He then explains to Rin about the origin of the sun god called Solaris and about what happened ten years ago. He then takes her for a run to cheer her up and tells her that nothing starts until someone takes action and that the person should run if they have time to worry.